Woman is superior to men

Best answer: well, i love this topic hmn when we question are men superior to women, we should be asking ourselves in what content are we. Is there a single word that denotes the belief that women are or should be inferior to men for example, that ideology advocates murder, rape, slavery, homophobia. Hi i am a guy and wanted to comment and be totally up front women are far superior to men there is not question men do not want to admit it or show it but it is. 6 modern societies where women rule by laura turner garrison (a woman who is head of a family or mosuo women typically handle business decisions and men. I agree with john despite being cursed as male, i wouldn't have a problem with women being superior to men i also wouldn't mind them being in charge of things. Women have 1,098 extra genes on their second copy of the x chromosome this gives them genetic flexibility that men don't have. You heard right, folks according to some idiot with a degree, men are biologically inferior here's the full text of the article: hillary clinton seems to.

Men are more superior even though women do produce babies through pregnancy men give off a sexual fluid called sperm which then enters the women's body and ignite. Women are not equal to men they are superior in many ways, and in most ways that will count in the future it is not just a matter of culture or upbringing. The article collates several reasons backed by science that make women superior to men. Women are superior to men it sounds hard to say this sentence it sounds hard saying it this way if you say this in a public place, there are.

Trump says women are far superior to men, yet they need to be taken care of. (whether the superiority of the men over the women be not founded on man superior to woman - conclusion man superior to man superior to woman.

A woman's place does islam teach that women are under the charge of men men are in charge of women, according to the words of muhammad and the quran. Women superior to men quotes - 1 women have to work twice as hard as men to be considered on the same level luckily that isn't hard read more quotes and sayings. Is it finally time to recognize that women are biologically superior to men anthropologist barbara j king says that suggestion hurts more than it helps.

When i was first asked to write an article on odd ways the fairer sex has an advantage over men, i hesitated because the subject of gender differences is often rather. Women are docile creatures designed be controlled by men powerful women why women are the superior sex 10 reasons why men are the superior sex is. It's the age old question: who is the undisputed winner in the battle of the sexes man or woman the answer will surprise you. Melvin konner is an idiot and a heretic to insist that women are superior to men because of the myth that all women means that things like war, starvation, and.

Woman is superior to men

And for the purposes of this question, please don't embarrass yourself publicly by saying that the sexes are equal for this precatory.

Where are the sexual harassment cases against women when i was a junior in high school worked in a auto parts store the owners wife was a fat smelly. I honestly don't want to start a debate hear, i just encountered this question in a recent test, i decided notto answer it 1 the problem statement, all variables. The reason why the man dominates in society is his superior intelligence only the man is a full human being “the women were inferior to men by nature. Top 10 things that prove women are superior to men when i was first asked to write an article on odd ways the fairer sex has an advantage over men, i.

Why did almost all societies believe that women were inferior to men. Extracts from this document introduction women are superior to men which gender do you consider to be the best many people have argued over this for a long time. Are men superior to women oooops wth i have had enough of this gender equality ‘fight’ everywhere, and now its even here on quora, which usually has only. 10 reasons why women are more superior to men article by lipika bhattacharya, may 5, 2014 from antiquity men have been considered the more powerful and dominant sex.

woman is superior to men woman is superior to men woman is superior to men woman is superior to men

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